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Archive: 2016

December 15, 2016

Ways To Cope When Caring For A Loved One

The job of being a full time caregiver is an important one that has its peaks and valleys, but the goal is to have more peaks than valleys. When the child becomes the parent, the changing roles can be challenging if you do not find the right balance. Taking care of your own health and emotional well-being ensures you can cope with the challenges of caring for a loved one, while maintaining a good quality of life for both of you. Remember, if you don’t care for yourself, you won’t be able to care for anyone else.  

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July 6, 2016

The Five Key Legal Documents Every Adult Should Have

According to many surveys, a majority of Americans do not have any estate planning documents in place.  Some people think they are unnecessary and some people intend to have them drafted, but never quite get around to doing it.  Here is a list of the five documents that everyone 18 years or older should have in place as part of an estate plan.  Depending on an individual’s particular needs, additional documents may also be helpful.

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