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VA Disability Benefits

A Summary of VA Benefits in Florida As a Florida veteran, you may qualify for a surprisingly diverse array of Veterans Administration (VA) benefits. Many of these benefits are not common knowledge. The Department of Veterans Affairs can help you receive VA benefits in Florida to defer medical costs and bills, if you are a veteran, a veteran's family member or the surviving spouse of a veteran. What Benefits Might Be Available to You? Here is a partial list of benefits that qualified veterans can access:

Eligibility Requirements for VA Benefits in Florida Many veterans -- as well as single, surviving spouses -- can be eligible for the disability programs. The rules governing eligibility can be quite complex. Factors that influence eligibility include: whether you have a steady need for a care-giver's aid; and whether you are home-bound. A veteran who served in active duty during war time may receive up to $1,759 per month from the Department of Veterans Affairs. To receive benefits from the Veterans Pension and the Aid and Attendance programs, a veteran must have served a minimum of 90 days on active duty, during a period of war, and received an honorable discharge. Single surviving spouses of veterans with active duty service are also eligible for these programs, and they can receive up to $1,130 per month from the Department of Veterans Affairs. If you’re younger than 65 and applying for VA benefits in Florida, you must be totally disabled. At age 65 and older, there is no disability requirement for benefits for either the veteran or for a single surviving spouse. For assistance understanding your potential benefits, please contact an Orlando elder law attorney at Kirson & Fuller today for a confidential consultation at 407-422-3017.