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Best Buddies Launches Jobs Program in Central Florida

May 3, 2017 in News

Written by: Chris Holmes

Best Buddies is pleased to announce the launch of the Jobs program in Central Florida thanks to a grant from Dr. Phillips Charities. The Best Buddies Jobs program will assist individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (IDD) with employment. Its goal is to work with partner employers and individuals with IDD to match jobs with participant’s skills and abilities. This program is a great addition to Best Buddies other programs that are focused on building friendships for intellectually and developmentally disabled participants.

Harold is the first placement from the Best Buddies Jobs program in Central Florida. He takes his job at a local law firm very seriously and as each week passes he becomes more confident with his tasks and works with increasing independence. Each paycheck he receives provides him with not only buying power, but a sense of real accomplishment. But he is not the only who benefits from this program. The employers who hire from the Best Buddies Jobs program gain hardworking employees who are a delight to be around and make a positive impact on the corporate culture.

Best Buddies is currently looking for businesses that are interested in having Best Buddies visit and discuss what is involved in hiring someone with disabilities. Their website is, and the local contact is Cary Ombres:


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