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Heather Kirson made me feel at ease from the moment we met. Dealing with eldercare is stressful and heartbreaking and she guided me through the process with care and compassion. I didn’t know where to start but she instinctively knew what information I needed and gave me sound advice for which I am eternally grateful. Her offices are bright and comfortable and even that sets a tone for our meeting. It made us feel relaxed in a distressing situation. Heather’s care and kindness in telling me the hard truths are much appreciated, and I am so glad to know that I am in good hands.

Linda M.

I had the good fortune of attending the seminar presented by Heather Kirson at the Marks Street Senior Center. The information I learned at this seminar set the groundwork for what I needed to do in order to get my mother’s legal business in order. Before this I was completely in the dark and did not even have a starting point to begin asking questions. I set a one hour consultation with Tracy Zanco who answered all of my questions and many questions that I had not thought of. We (myself, my mom and my siblings) are comfortable with what we have accomplished (local DPOA, prepaid funeral, all assets in moms name to name a few) and we think we are ready for what the future may bring our way.

Dorothy G.

Kirson law Firm was very helpful with my wife and I getting our wills, Estate planning, and my Medicaid. They were pleasant, responsible, and effective. 

Ronald P. G.

Approximately one year ago, we were faced with the need to have my wife and the mother of our two children permanently placed in a rehabilitation facility. Joyce is suffering from dementia and had fallen and broken her hip. It soon became evident that when Medicare and supplemental insurance ran out, we could not afford the cost of required care. This caused a great deal of concern as to how these costs could be covered. By the grace of God someone told us about the law firm of Kirson & Fuller. We called them and reviewed our concerns with them. Their immediate response was to invite us to visit their office and talk about the problems and possible solutions. At this session, Patti Fuller and several of her staff met with us to understand the problems we faced, talk about options and outline a program for solutions and timing of the required procedures. We immediately felt that their entire staff was ready to help us understand the options we had, offer recommendations, and give us the support we needed. Since our family is located in Massachusetts, Florida and California, the staff at Kirson & Fuller made certain that each section of the family was completely kept up to date with all suggestions, plans and recommendations. There is no question that the capabilities, patience and abilities of the entire office made a difficult situation for our family so much easier and acceptable. At no time were there any comments about frequent calls with questions or concerns. Every such call was answers always with the assurance Kirson & Fuller were pleased to help us. Our whole experience has been one of a concerned family that was treated with patience, professionalism, and respect, knowing we were in capable hands. The whole family has enjoyed the resulting peace of mind. Thank you for being there.

John & Joelle H.

My name is Michael Ponder. My family and I recently had the pleasure of hiring “The Kirson / Fuller Law firm. We were all beyond happy with the results. It’s been many years since I’ve seen such professionalism, dedication, kindness, and attention to detail and positive results! Attorney Kirson, Natasha, Angel, and Sabrina, thanks so much. I strongly recommend this firm to any who needs their specialties.

Michael P.

Imagine your family members were elder care attorneys to tell you in plain English the best ways to protect your parents and their assets. That would be Kirson & Fuller. Patricia Fuller, now deceased, did the original estate planning for my parents in 2014 before my mom needed 24/7 care. When my dad passed this year, Heather Kirson helped us to ensure that my mother continued to qualify for care and iron out issues among multiple siblings. They are thorough, responsive, and caring.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Jung C.

Every single person in this office is kind, caring, and so efficient. Mr. Fahrig is someone who actually listens to you and addresses all concerns you have. I felt very at ease and confident that everything would go smoothly and that we all had everything well on track. I do recommend this firm and feel so comfortable in letting Mr. Fahrig handle such an important task for my family. 

Barbara L.

I am grateful and happy so far with Heather Kirson and her staff. They have been helpful, diligent and supportive with my various needs. I look forward to working with Kirson and Fuller for my foreseeable future. 

Daniel D.

Very knowledgeable, expert, confident service has been my experience. They are thorough and will take the time to patiently work through issues. Fanny and Heather have been professional and compassionate in a time of much anxiety and worry over our loved one. They came through; my mother is safely placed in an excellent nursing home. We are very thankful.

Stanley C.

All employees, regardless of their positions are friendly, and very professional. Met with Christian Fahrig yesterday and as usual, he was prepared for our appointment and made the process very easy. 

Patricia A.

So incredibly thankful for Kirson and Fuller Elder Law Center, especially Tracy Zanco and Natashia Rusnak. They were so helpful and made every step during this process seamless. Our entire family feels grateful to have had the professional services that matched our needs. Everyone was so kind and accommodating. I highly recommend this firm. 

TandE H.

The law offices of Kirson and Fuller were very professional. They answered all of my questions, and got back to me, always in a timely manner. I would recommend them to anyone looking for elder law.

Pamela M.

We used Kirson & Fuller for the needs of my mother over three and a half years ago. They continued to work with her till her passing. We are now using them for ourselves.
They go above and beyond for their clients. A special shout out to Tracy Zanco and Fanny Gomez Mackey for always being there to answer any questions and for caring. 

Teresa B.

Always a great experience working with the Kirson & Fuller firm, thanks Kate for your ongoing expertise with our case. Happy to refer folks here. 

Keith C.



  If you want a law firm that truly cares about you and will make you feel so comfortable who you can trust, then please contact The Elder Law Center of Kirson & Fuller.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Susie T.

I’ve been with The Elder Law Center for 4 years and it’s been a pleasure to do business with them. Fanny Gomez has been a God sent who always goes out of her way to help. 

Joe R.

We had an excellent experience at the Kirson and Fuller Elder Law Center. Tracy Zanco listened to our needs, asked clarifying questions, and in the end, we felt we have documents appropriate for our needs. Everyone at the office was kind and accommodating. I would highly recommend this firm.

MaryAnn K.

I appreciate the outstanding work you all did for my brother, Bruce.  Without your help in setting up the Medicaid Trust, he would have been put into serious financial difficulties.  It was a pleasure to work with Heather Kirson and Fanny Gomez.  They worked tirelessly on solutions to our predicament, setting up the trust in record time so the current hospital stay would be covered while preserving his assets, then staying engaged so that multiple subsequent hospital stays were also covered. Then when he passed away last month all of his affairs passed without the need for probate. Thank you for being such caring and competent workers in your field.  I would earnestly encourage anyone needing an Elder Care Attorney to choose your firm. 

David P.

 Our family was fortunate to have selected the Kirson & Fuller Law Firm to represent two of our senior family members, my wife’s sister and her husband, a disabled veteran. From the warm initial greeting through the maze of legal matter covering wills, court orders, Medicare and Medicaid status issues, VA matters, nursing home coordination, and on to their lives final arrangements, it couldn’t have gone more smoothly. Patti Fuller and her tireless associates,  Fanny Gomez and Holly Howard, took me, a first-time Personal Representative, by the hand and made it all happen. No call or question went unanswered, and no unusual event encountered during the journey went without a solution, handled promptly and with a smile. Thank you from their children and grandchildren, and from my wife and me. We could not have gotten through it without your competence, passion and caring.

Mark S. 

Your firm, especially Attorney Tracy Zanco and her team, were very thorough, extremely responsive to my questions and did an impeccable job in preparing all of the necessary documents involved with Estate Planning. In addition, I was the recipient at a silent auction where your firm had so graciously donated an estate package. Your firm did not receive any compensation from me however I was treated like a paying client. Thank you for your donation and for your professional courtesies. Your firm is a first class act and I would highly recommend your firm to all who would ask

Jean H.

Fanny was amazing. This whole process is very emotional for everyone in our family. I felt overwhelmed often. Fanny explained the what and the why of each step. She made me feel like a partner in the process. I needed to feel some control

Mary. R.

When my husband was in hospice I reached out to Heather Kirson for assistance with Medicare. It was an extremely difficult time. She was so knowledgeable and focused. I was very scared and sad and worried. She answered all my questions, mapped out a plan I could easily execute and allayed my fears. When I needed my own Will I really only wanted Heather. The entire office is outstanding.

Suzan A.

I was referred to Kirson & Fuller in 2014 as a resource to help with navigating the maze of VA and Medicaid benefits for my mother.  I had no idea how mind-bendingly complicated, tedious and time consuming these processes could be and with me being out of state just made the degree of difficulty even higher.  Initial contact was with Patti Fuller who was extremely knowledgeable and on both topics.  She was able to clearly describe the processes in detail, what to expect along the way and how long it would take.  Our primary contact over the past 3 years has been Fanny Gomez-Mackey, Director of Public Benefits. Fanny is a subject matter expert, always provided superb guidance and has nearly infinite patience.  She was readily accessible when needed, always had or could find the answers to tough questions and made a very stressful situation manageable.  I can’t think of anyone I’ve met or worked with who is as respectful, caring, professional and passionate about what they do as Fanny. Simply a great person and 1st class act in every way. I have an engineering & senior management background and can usually figure things out but there is no way I could have solved either of these Rubik’s cubes on my own.  The entire team at Kirson & Fuller did an excellent job.  I couldn’t have asked for anything more and they exceeded my expectations in every way!  I highly recommend them without any reservations.  Just outstanding!

Dave M.

I was very impressed by the whole experience. The attorneys weren’t intimidating at all. Everyone I came in contact with was wonderful. I’m so happy I went to your wonderful information meeting at the marks Street Senior Center. Thank you!

Shirley F. 

This law firm is THE BEST! I have recommended your services to many other people. I wouldn’t trust anybody else to handle my mother’s Medicaid case- other firms tried and failed. Only Kirson & Fuller succeeded; the best elder law firm!


It really seemed like everyone we came into contact with went beyond our expectations regarding courtesy in answering questions, anticipating our concerns and addressing them fully. We found it interesting that employees knew when to answer questions and when to defer to the attorney. We are very satisfied with the experience. We attended your presentation where we really began to understand how complex the process is. We spent hours on FL legal websites and elder law websites attempting to learn enough to ask questions and came to realize that FL elder law is complex enough to require a specialist legal firm to navigate courts and agencies that would be involved in our situations.

Charles A.

The process to update my Trust, Will and other legal documents started with my attending a seminar at Marks St. Senior Center by Heather Kirson. After calling for an appointment, I picked Attorney Tracy Zanco based on guidance from the receptionist. My existing documents were updated based on current law and advise of Attorney Zanco. On the final day for document signing, the receptionist responded to a problem I created by correcting information I had mistakenly given. The issue was corrected in minutes so we could complete everything in time for the signing.

Donald S.

I enjoyed working with Heather. She gave Irene and I the information needed. Also confirming we were on the right track. We thank you and your office for your courtesy.

Rant G.

Everyone I dealt with was kind and understanding. I truly felt that I was a special person not one among many.

Soni D.

Fanny Gomez-Mackey went well above and beyond to assist me in filing for Medicaid on my mother’s behalf. She literally held my hand and offered support on many occasions when I felt overwhelmed and stressed with the daily pressures of taking care of my loved ones while filing for Medicaid. She took the burden off me and I could never thank her enough. It was indeed a pleasure to work with each and every person I met at the firm. Thank you!!

M. Brown.

Ms. Zanco was super! We took my Dad in to have a Will made. He was deaf. I took my laptop so I could type questions for him to answer. Ms. Zanco took her time in explaining things so I could type them out for him. He would answer and/or ask questions and she was very patient, courteous and helpful!

Karla H.

Holly Howard and Fanny Gomez-Mackey are two of the best paralegals I have worked with in more than 40 years of practice! They go above and beyond in everything they do, small or large!

Chuck S.

Highly recommend this firm for any and all your legal needs. They have walked us through this very hard process of transitioning my parents from independent living to being cared for. They have been with us every step of the way giving the best advice and protecting my parents through the process. Thank you Heather, Tracy, Maricarmen, Fanny and Chris. You all are awesome!

Luz R. 

When my mother became incapacitated suddenly, it rocked my world. I had no idea where to start. I couldn’t sleep or eat due to the stress. After meeting with Tracy Zanco and Fanny Gomez-Mackey, I felt immediate relief. They set a plan with confidence and went to work. Everything they said would happen, did, and within the time frame they predicted! My family was treated with care, compassion and respect

Terry K. 

I would highly recommend The Elder Law Center of Kirson & Fuller. I had to transfer my mother from Palm Beach County to a facility near me in Orlando, FL. They make everything happen so quickly, I am thankful I was able to move my mother closer to me when my sister passed away in 2015. I am in the medical field and see how my patients struggle with not knowing how to care for their elderly parents. I have referred patients to this firm at least 3-5 times. Everyone I have referred has been so happy and thankful I gave them the recommendation. I thank Ms. Kirson and her entire staff for bringing my mother and I closer together and for always being there when I have questions or concerns


When my wife and I had to place my father in a long term care facility in the Orlando area, we began the search on our own. We visited a facility in Longwood and spoke with their office manager whom, coincidentally, was an old friend of ours, with whom we had lost touch. We asked if they could refer us to an Elder Law Attorney. The Elder Law Center of Kirson & Fuller was on their list. We made an appointment and were impressed with the firms obvious experience and expertise. Things had to happen quickly because ,u father needed a place by the first of the year and this was in December. Heather Kirson took our case and began the paperwork immediately. Over the next few months we were in almost daily contact with Maricarmen Garcia, who graciously listened to my many questions. She clearly instructed us as to what information was needed and how to go about gathering the information. Heather and Maricarmen, along with Fanny Gomez-Mackey, obtained Medicaid approval for my father. When the time came to apply for re-certification for my father, we didn’t hesitate to retain Kirson & Fuller to guide us through the process. We have referred others to this firm and will do so with anyone we know who has aging parents and need legal assistance.


My mother lives in Orlando, Florida and I live in another state. When home health care was not enough care for her any longer I had to star looking into other alternatives. My mother suffers from Alzheimer’s Disease and could no longer make decisions for herself. I am her Power of Attorney and was out of my depth and needed help.

My mother had also been receiving Medicaid for two years and it was essential that she would be able to stay on it. I was told to get an attorney who specialized in Elder Care. After several phone calls to attorneys who only do elder care I was referred by them to seek out the services of Kirson & Fuller since they are a full service Elder Care Law Firm.

From my first call where Chris Holmes answered the phone I knew this was the right firm for us. Her questions and immediate response set the tone for the services that would b needed to meet the needs of my mother.

Tracy Zanco called back and asked questions that got right to what we needed. Her professionalism and law experience have been invaluable to me. Her patience in answering all my questions and her communication skills are exceptional.

They were able to help us get to the right realtors who took care of every detail of not only selling my mother’s house but even getting it ready to sell. This was one last thing I had to do and left me to finding the right Memory Care facility for my mom.

When dealing with Medicaid every decision matters. Tracy and Fanny Gomez-Mackey, Director of Public Benefits, have held my hand throughout this whole process. Fanny still is!

My mother is now in a Memory Care Facility and doing beautifully. Her house sold before it was even on the market. Tracy set up a Pooled Trust and was able to save proceeds from the sell of the house to honor her wishes.

These are special people who work for Kirson & Fuller. They have a calling of taking care of the elderly. Thank you for being there for my mother and me.

Teresa B.

Meeting with an attorney is very intimidating normally, but, Tracy Zanco was very easy to work with and helped me to feel at ease right away. Highly Recommend!

Eileen M.

Everyone at The Elder Law Center of Kirson & Fuller were very efficient and helpful. Fanny was great and made sure I was aware of what needed to be done and when it needed to be done by.

Jo B.

After nearly two years of trying to navigate the complicated and often arduous process of Medicare/Medicaid/VA for my parents, I was blessed to connect with Renee Peppy while serving on the Cornerstone Hospice Capital Campaign Board. At my first meeting with Renee, I could feel my anxiety slipping away as I listened to her explain the process. She introduced me to Fanny Gomez-Mackey, the firm’s Director of Public Benefits, who by all accounts is a true miracle worker. Fanny handled our cases with such efficiency that sometimes I couldn’t even keep up.

Any time I called with a question or concern, it was as if she could wave a magic wand and everything was right with the world once again. Indeed, most of her contacts are on speed dial. Fanny’s strong relationships with government agencies and healthcare facilities made it easier for us to determine the best course of action for my parents. She continues to be a Godsend. 

I sleep better at night knowing that I don’t have to worry about the legal aspects of my parents’ care, and I highly recommend Kirson and Fuller to anyone looking for assistance in the field of elder law matters.

Suzanne F.



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