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Special Needs Planning

Planning for who will step in to care for your children if you are no longer able to is close to unthinkable. The need to name someone to fill this role never ends for children with special needs, no matter their age.

The Elder Law Center works with parents of children with special needs to create structures to carry forward the care and care management they provide when they are no longer able to do so. This includes naming guardians, creating trusts, choosing trustees, and finding care providers and housing as necessary.

We also work with older clients with disabilities to help them gain access to public services and to manage their money, whether from paid employment, inheritance, or settlement proceeds of a personal injury case. For example, a Special Needs Trust may be used for a wide range of life-enhancing expenses without compromising the disabled individual’s governmental benefits.

If you have a loved one who could benefit from the protections provided by a Special Needs Trust, please call us today.  We serve Central Florida with our office in Orlando.  We look forward to being your Special Needs Trust lawyers.


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