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Resources for Caregivers of Older Adults with Dementia

January 24, 2023 in News

Every year, 16 million people in the United States care for family and friends with dementia, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports. Caregivers of people with dementia provide care for longer durations than those who assist individuals with other conditions. They also have comparably higher risks for anxiety, depression, and […]

Miller Trusts Can Help You Qualify for Medicaid

January 23, 2023 in News

Many seniors find themselves in need of Medicaid to pay for their long-term care but are surprised to learn that their modest monthly income may disqualify them. The reason for this is that Medicaid is a “means-tested” benefit. In other words, you must not have income exceeding certain thresholds in […]

Medicaid Spousal Refusal (‘Just Say No’)

January 18, 2023 in News

Federal Medicaid law states that the community spouse can keep all of his or her assets by simply refusing to support the institutionalized spouse. This portion of the law, known as “just say no” or “spousal refusal,” is generally not used except in New York and Florida, where the states […]

Are You Missing Out on Benefits? Find Programs You Can Use

January 13, 2023 in News

Older adults have access to hundreds of federal and state benefits programs. Many retirees meet the requirements for these aids, yet do not know they are eligible and miss opportunities to receive assistance. Others can feel overwhelmed by complex application processes. BenefitsCheckUp, the National Council on Aging’s online resource, helps […]


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