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Celebrating Nurses Nationwide!

May 6, 2021 in News

This past year has been especially challenging for our nation’s nurses and healthcare workers. Nurses are on the frontline daily leading the battle against Covid-19 and many other serious diseases; ensuring all patients receive high level service, regardless of their infectious condition. Their dedication to what they do, has made a significant difference during the pandemic, heightening the need for team-based care, infection control and other nursing skills that reinforce the sheer strength of our nursing industry.

Today kicks off the week-long celebration and recognition of over 4 million courageous, compassionate and resilient RNs, LPNs and nurses of all specialties across the United States. National Nurse’s week is recognized by the American Nurses Association (ANA) to beginning May 6th and ending on May 12th, honoring the birthday of Florence Nightingale (The Lady with the Lamp) and her exceptional contributions to the nursing field. Nightingale was a British nurse, statistician, and social reformer during the Crimean War era. She proved to be a foundational philosopher of modern nursing with the formalization of nursing education, leading her to establish the first scientifically based nursing school in 1860 – The Nightingale School of Nursing at St. Thomas’ Hospital in London, England. Nightingale was also was instrumental in arranging training for midwives and nurses in workhouse infirmaries.

The initial proposal to proclaim a “Nurse’s Day” was first introduced in 1953. It was not until 1982 when President Reagan signed a proclamation of “National Recognition Day for Nurses” to be May 6th that it became official. In 1990 The ANA expanded the recognition of nurses from one day to a week-long celebration, declaring May 6th – 12th as “National Nurses Week”.

The Elder Law Center of Kirson & Fuller would like to thank all nurses and healthcare workers nationwide for their commitment, recognizing their self-sacrifice in the risks they took this year to take care of their patients.  We admire your indispensable skillset and recognize the vital significance you have in our nation every day. Although our gratitude expands year-round, this week is extra special. Let’s show our nurses and essential healthcare workers how much we appreciate them and all they do.

Happy National Nurse’s Day & Week!


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