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Congressional Budget Office Says Republicans’ Repeal Bill Would Strip 24 Million Americans of Health Care Coverage

March 21, 2017 in News

Below is a press release the National Health Law Program issued regarding the CBO score of the House bill to repeal the ACA and undermine Medicaid. Independent Analysis Reveals Measure Would Also Slash $880 Billion from Medicaid.

Washington, DC – The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office score of the House Republicans’ “American Health Care Act,” should give pause to the Senate in considering a bill that endangers vital health care coverage of millions of Americans in every region of the country. The CBO analysis shows that 24 million would lose health care coverage within a decade, and that $880 billion would be cut from Medicaid.

“The House bill, as the CBO score so painfully reveals, would harm the most vulnerable, while wealthier Americans benefit,” National Health Law Program (NHeLP) Executive Director Elizabeth G. Taylor said. “On the campaign trail, Donald Trump said no American would lose health care coverage in a repeal of the Affordable Care Act, but that is exactly what would happen if this bill becomes law. We hope the president and lawmakers in the Senate reject this regressive measure.”

NHeLP Managing Attorney of the DC Office Mara Youdelman said Congress should refocus on acting to bolster the health care system.

“There is work to be done to ensure low-income people – a disproportionate number of whom are women, children, people with disabilities, and people of color – retain access to vital health care. According to the CBO analysis of the Republican House bill, health care of many Americans would be significantly limited,” Youdelman said. “The analysis brings light to the cold truth – the bill provides tax breaks for a small group of wealthy individuals at the expense of providing basic health care to people in need.”

Youdelman added, “Despite conservative Republicans’ rhetoric, the ACA is a success as is Medicaid. Both are popular and a recent Kaiser Health News tracking poll shows that more than 65 percent of Americans like Medicaid as is and do not support capping its funding. The popular mandate is for improving the ACA, not for destroying it.”

NHeLP has published the following material providing analysis of repealing the ACA and changing the structure of Medicaid funding.

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