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Department of Elder Affairs Warns Floridians of Phone Scam

September 7, 2016 in News

The Department of Elder Affairs is warning Florida residents to watch out for scam artists allegedly making calls pretending to be the Department or an organization they refer to as Senior Services. These callers are using a method known as “spoofing” to make it appear on Caller ID as if the call is coming from a number belonging to the Florida Department of Elder Affairs’ fax line- (850)414-2004.

The callers are asking for personal information, including credit card information for payment of services, including funeral insurance, and are attempting to defraud those they call. Several individuals from across the state, including many who are not elders, have contacted the Department of Elder Affairs about the harassing calls.

The Department does not solicit payment for services of clients over the phone, nor does it contact individuals in this manner. As technology progresses, scammers and con artists, are finding new ways to exploits elders, including scam phone calls appearing to be from trust worthy organizations, like Elder Affairs of law enforcement.

The Department of Elder Affairs reminds you to never give out personal information to unknowns individuals who call you, inclouding credit card or bank information, technology passwords, or your Social Security number. If you receive a call from (850)414-2004, do not provide the caller with any personal information; simply hang up. If you received one of these calls and provided payment to the callers, please contact you local law enforcement to file a report.


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