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October 2018 Spotlight Client

September 27, 2018 in News

We are proud to say that we have simply amazing people in our family of clients. Each month we take time out to shine a spotlight on our clients’ accomplishments, passions and experiences.

My Dad, Nilo Argudin Sr., was born on July 23rd, 1930 in Cardenas, Cuba to Hasinto and America Argudin. He was the youngest of three siblings. The oldest was his brother Mario and his sister Ada was in the middle. He had a normal childhood growing up with a loving family. He studied to be an architect, but music was his passion. He wanted to play the violin, but his parents could not afford to purchase a violin and lessons. His parents were able to find a second-hand trumpet to purchase and that’s where it all began. At the age of 16, he was a professional musician performing throughout Cuba and on his way to becoming a first-class trumpet player. By the time he was in his 20’s he was the lead trumpet player at the famous night club “Tropicana” in Cuba. Performing with headliners like Celia Cruz, Tito Puente, La Lupe, Xavier Cugat, Paul Robeson, Yma Sumac, Carmen Miranda, Nat King Cole, Josephine Baker and Liberace. The Tropicana Orchestra was a first-rate Orchestra. The first time Nat King Cole went to Cuba to perform with them, he set aside a full week of rehearsals, and after 1 day of rehearsals he canceled the rest. He continued to perform at the Tropicana and with other bands in Cuba until the Castro government shut down the Club. Somewhere along the line my parents met and married in 1956. Four years later in 1960 I was born. In 1965 we immigrated to the United States and lived in Queens, New York. My Dad was very well known within the music industry, and when word got out that he was in the U.S., he started working performing at night clubs and as a studio musician for various artists. As time passed he developed rheumatoid arthritis and became tired of the late nights and hectic schedule and stopped performing. We moved to Miami in 1973 where he worked for Barnett Bank and retired in 1992. My mom and dad had an amazing marriage. They both were very kind and respected each other. My mom passed in 2008. Shortly after my mom passed, I moved my dad to Orlando, so I could care for him until he passed on 08/13/2016.

It has been an honor to serve and help guide Nilo through the probate process. To show our appreciation for his trust in us, we will be making a $100 donation to an organization of his choosing, St. Jude Children’s Hospital.

1956 Nat King Cole at the Tropicana – Nilo Argudin Sr. is kneeling down on the left in the picture.

1959 Ginger Rogers & Peter Matz at the Hotel Havana Riviera – Nilo Argudin Sr. is kneeling down on the far right.


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