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September Spotlight Client

September 1, 2020 in News

We are proud to say we have simply amazing people in our family of clients.  Each month we take time out to shine a spotlight on our clients accomplishments, passions and experience.  Please meet Vincent & Una Green.

Vincent and Una are both immigrants from Jamaica.  The came to America in the early 1970’s and were married in New York, NY on January 8,1972.  They later settled in New Jersey and began raising their family.  They have three boys, Alton, Winston and Vincent; one daughter-in-law, Queeni; and six grandchildren, Alex, Lexi, Stephen, Malcom, Marvin and Marcus.

Una retired in 1996 from Bailey Nursing Facility where she worked in Nursing.  Vincent retired from John L. Montgomery in 2002 where he worked as a part of the Janitorial Staff and they moved to Orlando, Florida that same year.  Vincent then started a landscaping business, which he still enjoys operating. Una enjoys being home and spending time with family.

Vincent and Una love to travel and still visit Jamaica every Christmas.


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